Finding and supporting organizations that I love is another one of my passions. And when I find one that just makes so much sense with me, I want to share it with everyone. So I want to give you an easy way to invest in the lives of others simply by having me do a photo session for you. 10% of all profits will go directly to support the cause below. (in most cases that's about $20)

Let me introduce you to the Legacy House


The Legacy House is, "a unique, small home environment which empowers young women to build their own life legacies by bridging the gap between foster care and sustainable independence." It's not a facility, transitional shelter, or a group home. It's a home and a family. When young women age out of the foster care system (which is around 18) and they have very little support system, they become extremely vulnerable. Often times, they find themselves homeless and they are at a high risk of being being brought into a season or lifetime of prostitution. Without protection, guidance and support, they can become the statistics in sex trafficking, prostitution, poverty, homelessness and incarceration. 

Why did I choose this group?  

1. I photograph mainly girls who are in a transitional time in their life (the time between high school and college). In a lot of ways, you're the same as the girls that will be living in this house. You have dreams for you future, some things look uncertain, and you're beautiful and strong. The only difference is that you have a loving support system to help you with the challenges you face in life. These girls in foster care are no different, and deserve the same chance and love as you do. 

2. Prevention is the best way to support. It's great to feed the homeless and work to get women out of sex slavery. But it's even better to completely erase that path from their future. Those lifestyles are no longer a seemingly reasonable option for their lives. With the proper support, there's room for them to dream, go to college, start a business, and create a family. 

Another way that you can give back is by nominating a friend for a free session. I want to be able to provide girls that are going through a tough time in their life with the beauty of photos. If you know a friend who's dealing with an illness, a tough family issue, or is being bullied, send me and email through the contact form telling me why you would like me to photograph your friend. You can even come along on the shoot and I'll grab a couple pictures of the two of you together so that she can always remember how great of a friend she has in you.