Adored by Alex | Houston Blogger

Since moving to Houston, I've been able to have some different photographing experiences. One of them being, working with blogger Alex, from Adored by Alex. Coming from a small town, the whole "blogger thing" was just a distant thought, but now that I live in a big city, bloggers abound. And I have to say, photography bloggers is by far one of my favorite subjects to photograph (with high school seniors in a very close 2nd). It's so fun getting to focus on outfit details, and working to find a location that works best with each outfit. Each of the first 5 outfits were all photographed during the same session and each location was all within one block of a street. It really stretched my creativity, and I loved it.

If you're a blogger in Houston, or you happen to know a blogger in Houston, and you're in need of photos for your blog, I'd love to work with you! Just shoot me an email at!